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The questions we ask will determine the lives we lead and the world we see. If we are stuck in a cycle or pattern that we are trying to get out of, then perhaps its time to ask some different questions.

This past weekend we asked two questions that I believe God is calling us to ask as a church to help us go through this current season differently and to help us get ready for whatever lies next in this world. Those two questions were:

What do you see?
What are you consuming?

Perhaps as you take time while you read this, the Holy Spirit is prompting you to ask some other questions because He wants you to gain a revelation of something else entirely, and that is awesome. Go deep and explore those questions together with the Holy Spirit as your Guide.

For now, however, I want to focus on the two questions above.

First off, what do you see? I spoke about getting a heavenly perspective because sometimes we can’t always see what is right in front of us and our vision can be obstructed and we don’t always have clarity of vision.

Here is an amazing thought. We need light to see by which is why darkness can be so terrifying. When there is darkness, it literally removes our ability to see. Without light we are blind. Without light it is impossible to have vision. In every sense, our ability to see is dependent on there being an external light source. As long as there is a light source even a faint one our eyes will adjust and we will see something, but in absolute darkness we are blind.

God is not limited in the same way we are. In Genesis 1, before light had even been created God was not in any way limited or blind. We read that even before light was created God’s Spirit hovered perfectly over the waters in place. God’s vision is not dependent on an external light source like ours is because He is light. His vision is not dependent on light. He can see always because He is light always.

This is why a heavenly perspective is so important. When we look at our situations and circumstances from a heavenly perspective we are looking at them from the light of God’s glory that illuminates even the darkest places. We are seeing things from God’s viewpoint and there has never been a darkness God cannot see through and beyond. There has never been a darkness that God’s glory has not been able to outshine. Even the darkness of the grave became the light of eternity through the glory of the cross.

So what are you seeing? What is your perspective in all of this? I’m not asking if you are a pessimist or an optimist? I am asking if you are seeing what God is seeing?

Secondly, what are you consuming?

Very simply as I mentioned what we consume has consequences. The consequence of junk food is extra kilograms. The consequence of a dodgy curry… well, we all know that one too.

The consequences of consuming the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, the one who said take and eat this is my body broken for you, are:


And on and on we could go because there is no limit to what Jesus can do in a life that is passionate about consuming Him.

The question is, are we consuming Him, or are we so full of other stuff that we have no room for Him? Have we become satisfied with things that don’t really satisfy our souls?

Ps. Mark Reeves
Liberty Church Randburg – Lead Pastor


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