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Its been 12 years…

12 years with an issue,
12 years of Dr’s visits,
12 years of trying to find a solution….
12 years of financial spend on experts and their opinions
12 years wondering will this ever stop
12 years of experience that says this issue is bigger than you

The number 12 in the Bible speaks of government, it speaks of a ruling authority, something that is established and powerful.

We have a woman in Mathew 9:20-22 that has a long-standing, well established, issue of 12 years that has most likely affected her every day, its effects her decisions, the way she plans her day, the kind of mood she is in, the places she is allowed to visit.

Maybe today as you read this… you can relate to having a long time issue, something that hasn’t been solved by human, strength, wisdom or finances, not even the wonders of modern medicine has had much effect…

Whatever your issue is today, it stands no match for the power and presence of Jesus, He is greater than your issue. You have probably heard that before, that’s not really the problem is it, but instead, how do you access that power, how do you get Jesus’ power to touch your life… I can only tell you what this woman did to receive her healing and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how you can do the same …

In the story, we read that Jesus is in close proximity to the woman, that right in front of her is the King of the universe, but there are so many people around Him, one man has just pleaded with him to go and heal his sick daughter…

Now she could have easily have thought, He is busy, or maybe the little girls’ issue sounds more important than mine, but instead, she says to herself… “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.”

What are you saying to yourself?

What is your faith statement today about what you are going through?

As she takes a step of faith and reaches out to do something that nobody could have confirmed would work or not, She captures the attention of Jesus, and He turns to face her…


He turns and proclaims over her that her faith has made her well, looking at her in the eyes, all she wanted was his garment, but she got his full attention. The Greek word used to explain her healing…. SOZO

Healed of disease
Delivered of evil spirits
Made completely whole

Holy Spirit I want to pray for the person reading this right now that you would drop a thought from Heaven into them in this moment, that they would say to themselves something powerful birthed in faith and it would activate them to reach out and touch you that you will in return touch the area of their life that needs healing, provision, restoration, salvation in Jesus name – Amen

Ps. Devon Dippenaar

Liberty Church Ruimsig – Lead Pastor

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  • Phindile

    Beautiful and encouraging message.

  • Lareen Kohler

    Thank you Devon. A word in season!

  • Mina

    Thank you for the word of encouragement and prayer.

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