Our 7 Gateways:

Part of our Big 5 Vision is we see the 7 Gateways of Society being infused with Kingdom Values. We want each and every believer to be equipped to fulfil their call to carry God’s presence into everyday life in the sectors of society where they live, work and play. Our dream is to see people, who love Jesus, bring Kingdom values to focus in BUSINESS, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT & SPORT, FAMILY & HEALTHCARE, MEDIA, POLITICS AND SPIRITUALITY!

In this sense, every family member at Liberty can take on “missional” responsibility to see the glory of God become a reality in our world… from Sunday through to Saturday every week.

How you can get involved:

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This is for the following people:

  • Own a business

  • Work in a business

  • Starting a business

Business Gateway Champions

Eddie & Debbi Scheun

Eddie Scheun

Eddie is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of corporate and start-up business experience. He has founded several successful start-up businesses and is currently the managing director to changefolio.

Debbi Scheun
Managing Director

Debbi is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of independent and start-up business experience. Debbi has founded several businesses and she is currently a shareholder of four companies and the Managing Director of Diversified Consulting which specialises in people changing management.

Purpose of the Business Gateway

To infuse Kingdom values across all sectors of business, both in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments and to build a Christ-centred nation through the Business Gateway


To build God’s Kingdom by running initiatives that INFUSE kingdom values, CONNECT people, and help people LEARN and GROW Business Gateway (3 x a year).


To infuse Kingdom values into the Business, share stories and ideas on how to do this Business Gateway (3 x a year)


To connect with people and connect people within the Business Gateway context. Opportunity for people to share ideas and challenges. Business Gateway (3 x a year)


To equip people in the Business Gateway. Business Gateway  (3 x a year)

This is for the following people:

  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Work in education

Education Gateway Champions

Colleen Walter

“I trained as a Mathematics and Science secondary school teacher and taught for several years in that sector. Our second daughter was born severely physically and mentally challenged and had a direct impact on the direction of my life, although I was still able to follow my passion/calling for education. During the therapy sessions and researching of child development, I became aware of the significant  importance of stimulation and play-based activities in the first five years of a child’s life.

Together with a social worker,  we established Safe and Sound as a pre-school for domestic workers’ children and in 2005, the organisation focused on training Early Childhood Development practitioners from townships and informal settlements.  Safe and Sound remains on the ‘cutting edge’ of developments in the Early Childhood Development Sector ensuring that children are equipped with a solid foundation to succeed in the formal schooling system.

I am very excited about the Education Gateway in line with part of Liberty’s vision statement “We see the 7 Gateways infused with Kingdom Values”. There is so much happening in all phases of the Education system in South Africa and I look forward to developing strategies with you,  strategies that could significantly impact the many we interact with – learners, parents, families and colleagues.”

This is for the following people:

  • Acting

  • Singing

  • Performing

  • Front of house or Back Stage

  • Professional Athlete

  • Enjoy sport as a hobby

  • Sports coach, take your kids to sport

This is for the following people:

  • Sons & Daughters

  • Spouses

  • Parents

  • Extended family

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Dentist

  • Physiotherapist

  • Radiographers

  • Auxiliary’s

  • Anyone working with physical or mental health

This is for the following people:

  • Communication

  • journalism,

  • broadcasting

  • Graphic design

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Backstage

This is for the following people:

  • Legal profession

  • Politics

  • Local council

  • Fire service

  • Police

This is for the following people:

  • Called to ministry – full time, part time

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Financial Webinar

Saturday 23th May
09:00 am - 11:00 am

Greg & Lauren Montjoie

Financial PeacekeepingUniversity Life Group Leaders

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Business Gateway Webinar

20th March 2021
8:30am - 9:30am

Eddie & Debbi Scheun

Business Gateway Leaders

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Education Gateway Webinar

Wednesday 22 April 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Guest Speaker: Murray Kilgour

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