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If you have a heart for SA and would like to make a difference in our nation today, here’s how you can.

1. Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer to help serve our community please email:


2. Donate

Heart4SA Drop-off

Wednesday 21 July at 10am - 12pm

Joburg North & West Campuses

We are collecting non-perishable food items, toiletries, baby food & nappies to be sent to help those in need in KZN (KwaZulu-Natal)

Drop-off in your own vehicle or use checkers 60. You can also donate financially, giving methods are below

If you would like to give towards our projects and partner projects that are bringing relief and rebuilding South Africa during these times please give via the methods below:

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As part of our H4TH & H4TW offering Liberty Church will be sowing our Heart for the world offering into Covid relief as well as relief and rebuilding South Africa.

Friday 16 July



At 6pm you can start driving the predetermined route and pray as you drive “drivers to keep their eyes open”. The route is 32km and will take approximately 50min to drive. The route is divided into 4 sections and each section has a specific prayer theme, with 3 prayer points under each theme.

• Section 1 – Re:Order in our country
• Section 2 – Re:Order in government
• Section 3 – Re:Order the churches impact and influence
• Section 4 – Re:Order in businesses and finances

More Information Below

People can start the route at any point on the route. We encourage people to make visible, through banners etc., that they are praying for the country and are part of the pray and drive initiative. We have not had time to make banners or flags or anything so people can use their creative initiative.

WhatsApp: We encourage people to join the group just for the drive initiative. We would love people to send out scriptures, encouragements, shout-outs, words from God etc. during the drive time.

Sunday 18th July


7pm – Online prayer meeting.

watch online

The Pastors will lead the prayer meeting. Prayer points and focus will be communicated during the prayer meeting.

Sunday 1st August


12 – 13pm

We encourage people to walk and pray in their immediate community. We will send out prayer themes for the day closer to the event. People are encouraged to wear a white top so that we can identify others praying in our areas. Each person can decide the route and time that would be suitable for them.