Praise God

PRAISE GOD When we praise we raise that is not just a cute phrase. Praise has the ability to shift the atmosphere and change things in a heavy atmosphere. I encourage you to go on a journey of [...]


ASK The questions we ask will determine the lives we lead and the world we see. If we are stuck in a cycle or pattern that we are trying to get out of, then perhaps its time to ask some different [...]

The Gap Filler

THE GAP FILLER I always remember a friend’s advice, “Whenever a gap is created, God will always fill it”.  Let’s take a look at a few gaps that exist… The GAP between HIM and US There was never [...]

Face to Face

Its been 12 years… 12 years with an issue, 12 years of Dr’s visits, 12 years of trying to find a solution…. 12 years of financial spend on experts and their opinions 12 years wondering will [...]

Keep Your Focus

Keep Your Focus This past weekend we celebrated a significant day in the life and history of the church. We celebrated what is known as Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit came down on those [...]

Vision Vaccination – Part 2

“There is light at the end of the tunnel”.. is good news if you are finding your way out of a dark cave or series of tunnels underground you no longer want to be confined to, .. it is not such [...]

Vision Vaccination – Part 1

Have you ever been walking through your home late in the evening and suddenly there is a power failure? Everything goes pitch dark, and if it is a power outage in your neighbourhood on a cloudy [...]

Live a Life of Love

Most of us have had time to reflect on what’s really important and what’s really of value. We are all vulnerable, and a lot has been stripped away from us…our freedom, the way we do [...]

Breaking Out

Matthew records that on Friday, Jesus was beaten, he was crucified, and He was buried, and then a stone was rolled in front of the tomb. We are told as we heard on Sunday that the Sabbath, on [...]

Victory over Anxiety

  Emotions are wonderful .. the thought of seeing… imagining our first reunion with our grandchildren after lockdown is a feeling I rehearse in my mind more and more as we wait for that day! [...]

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