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Daniel Cahill

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Liberty church!Please say a prayer for me saved yet homeless at 74 sleeping under a bridge at night the only thing that keeps me from losing it is your prayers are carrying me!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 4/7/21

Received: April 7, 2021

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PrAISE Reports


  • Hello everyone, <br /> I just want to share some words of encouragement. <br /> <br /> As I have been drawing closer to God, and the plans He has for my life, I have felt so under attack from the enemy. I have experienced feelings of anxiety for no reason to feeling that I am not ready or worthy for this next stage in my journey of equipping myself to lead a life group.<br /> <br /> I just want to encourage anyone of you that may be feeling the same, that this is just an attempt of the enemy to throw us off, because when we step up in obedience to fulfil the purpose God has for our life, we mess with the enemy’s plans and become a threat to him. So instead of letting setbacks rattle us, we need to use it as a sign that we are heading in the right direction. <br /> <br /> If worldly distraction and lies from the enemy telling you that you aren’t ready or you aren’t worthy come along in an attempt to steer you off this path God\'s has planed for you - If you, like me have experienced this in the weeks or days building up to tonight, just know that God is by your side with his hand held out waiting to lead you back! Reach out and take his hand. I did. <br /> <br /> 2 chronicles 20:15<br /> This is what the lord says: Do not be afraid! Don\'t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God\'s.<br /> <br /> God has a plan for each of us, allow God to use the storm that is surround you right now to prepare you for the Great things He has planned for you.

  • A friend whose brother abd brother-in-law contacted Covid and I put their names on the Prayer Wall. Beliw is a response from my friend on the progress of his family:<br /> “Morning brother, please express our gratitude to your beloved congregation for their prayers for Patrick who is in recovery stage. However, my brother in law is still in ICU. His lungs are not responding to the medicine. Thank you.”

  • I would like to thank god for provision when my car broke and I didnt have the means to pay for the repairs. He provided for me, all the glory to God Amen

  • Our heavenly Father you<br /> Bless us all in life and you<br /> Give us your strength to carry<br /> And your peace and love in<br /> Our heart's every day in life<br /> On our loving savior in life we<br /> Love you so much and<br /> May the power of the Holy Spirit<br /> Enlighten us and forgive all our sins<br /> And I promise you Lord Jesus Christ<br /> I'll love and pray for everyone<br /> Who's Suffering from coronavirus<br /> In India every day<br /> Amen.

  • I would like to thank God and everyone who helped me and my family in prayer towards my wedding.Everything went well PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  • I would like to thank god for healing my left hip as I pulled a muscle or some thing. I came to Liberty wrote a prayer card Craig read it out & within minutes it started to Heal. So thank you for praying & thank you Jesus .

  • I just want to give all the glory to God Almighty for rescuing my dad who had been trapped for 3 days in Palma (north of Mozambique) since 24th Mar 2021 after ISIS-linked insurgents attacked the town. My siblings, mom and I also started a GoFundMe initiative yesterday to raise funds so he can rebuild the home that was destroyed by insurgents last year. We have already reached $3500 of the $4000 target. I'm just in awe of what God is doing. Thank you Jesus for showing up for my dad after so much suffering. What's also amazing is that my dad continued to have faith in Jesus in the midst of uncertainty

  • Let us pray for the sick and<br /> Suffering today and remember<br /> The happiness and joy we shared every day<br /> And with a smile on our faces and the happiness<br /> We shared inside our heart's will forever live on<br /> And with the Lord Jesus Christ by our<br /> Side we'll live in peace and perfect harmony<br /> Forever you and me loving the Lord Jesus Christ<br /> Every day in our lives and may your joy shine through me and<br /> I come before you O Lord Jesus Christ and<br /> You lead us to enjoy the beauty of peace<br /> And your love in your creation of life<br /> And you fill my heart with so much<br /> Happiness and delight and I'm full of love for you in life<br /> And the peace and love you bring me every day<br /> And it's so beautiful to see the Lord Jesus Christ in my life<br /> And in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I'll always love you<br /> And you lead me to your eternal glory<br /> Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • please my son wont speak to me his names jordan gladwish he a tattoo artist hes on twitter hes on facebook please contact him And heres my poem/prayer<br /> <br /> for your eyes allways <br /> allways for you<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for makeup<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for perfume<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for prayers<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for hope<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for seasons<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for smiles<br /> for ypour eyes allways<br /> allways for rainbows<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for coffee<br /> for your eyes allways<br /> allways for ponytails <br /> for your eyes allways

  • Praise God for 7 year old Soraya with cancer. 2 weeks ago she was really sick , I sent a request, Pastor Ash prayed for her. Thank God that her tumor is gone down although she will remain on chemo for a while but the doctors are very happy with her progress