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We believe in the power of prayer and would love to pray for you! 
You can add your prayer request to our online prayer wall below and then your prayer request will be published on our prayer wall where others can lift your request up in prayer. Our prayer team will also see your prayer and will continue to pray for your request during the week.

* Please keep your prayer brief. Prayers may be removed if issue is sensitive or inappropriate to be shared online. *

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People currently with Covid

Let us know who we can pray for that are currently Covid positive.
Submit their names below and let us know who we can pray for that are currently Covid positive.
Let us know who we can pray for that is currently suffering with Covid or Covid complications. Enter their name / names above
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Samantha Thomson Family
Thomson Family
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Selvan Nagouran
Andy Spenceley
Tony Texeira
Liza Anderson
Sandra Roberts
Johanna Koatale
Rakesh Raju
Cindy Graaff
Shabeer Khan
Landon Moodley
Dale Segeels
Jena-Lee Venter
Danillo Chetty
Josh Chetty
Darryl Solomons
Vasantha Govender
Kgomotso Ngobeni and family
Leighton Herla
Liam Green
Nolan Pillay
Ursula Enslin
Ebrahim Rhyman and family
Grant Mashoko
Faizel Majiet
“Stanley Chapeta Zimbabwe severely ill in hospital. Elderly person”
James Carroll

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PrAISE Reports


  • Last year after Easter weekend I had lost my job and for almost a year I was unemployed. This year, its 2 weeks before Easter and God has blessed me with a job, how amazing is our God!

  • Please may we pray that our home sells soon so that we have more clarity about our move to Cape Town. When Andrew Kabala was saying this morning that we need a move a horse came into my head- we need a move to move. Would you stand with us in prayer that God will move so that we can move. In Jesus Name we pray Amen.

  • Hi Guys Thank you for praying for Malinda. The operation went well and the Pain has subsided. God is awesome