Blake Young was born and raised in Los Angeles California, Blake grew up dealing with divorce, sexual molestation, rejection, drugs, gang violence, and many other things sadly too common today.

Blake speaks to the hearts of people using animated communications that tap into his life experiences and unique point of view. A crowd favourite would be his ability to turn any topic and random object into engaging and spontaneous songs. He is passionate about leading people to live in their God-given purpose no matter what background they come from.

Having worked with numerous organisations around the world as a communicator, former artist and headlining act, Blake has seen over 100,000 people impacted by encounters with Jesus and His message of hope.

He, along with his wife Lizzie, are proud parents to three beautiful daughters, Keilani, Zion and Shiloh and serve as Lead Pastors at Kingdomcity in Gaborone, Botswana.

Lizzie Young and her husband, Blake, moved to Botswana in 2017 following God's call along with their daughters, Keilani, Zion and Shiloh. She is on the team at Kingdomcity, currently, lead pastoring alongside her husband in Kingdomcity Botswana, and a regular blog contributor of Beautiful Co.

She has a heart to see people find hope in Jesus, even from the toughest situations. Raised in Perth, Australia, she battled with depression, self harm, and suicide attempts before finding Jesus at a Youth Alive rally at the age of 16.

She has shared her inspiring story in drug rehabs, prisons, and high schools, and has worked in rehabilitating teenagers from the heaviest of backgrounds moving them into stable and secure homes. She lives to see people's lives changed and to see futures far brighter than pasts.

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