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This year, as we set aside a period to fast and pray, we want to encourage you to give some thought to your fast and be intentional with why you are fasting.

That’s why Liberty Church set aside time every year to fast & pray as a church. It is the discipline of fasting that releases the anointing, favour and the blessing of God in our lives!

· Are you trusting God for healing?

· A miracle for yourself, a family member, friend or a work colleague?

· Financial breakthrough?

· Direction for the year ahead?

· A more intimate relationship with Jesus?

· Break an addiction?


· Don’t get bogged down in the detail of which fast to do- what’s more important is that it means something to you! Remember, if it doesn’t mean anything to you it won’t mean anything to God.

· Combine your fast with reading the Word and prayer!

· Be sensible! Select a fast that is achievable for your current health and body condition!

1) Absolute Fast
Drink only liquids (you can establish the number of days.

2) The Daniel Fast
Eat fruit or vegetables. Eat no meat products, sweet items or bread. You can drink water or fruit juice.

3) 3 day Fast
This can be a full fast, Daniel Fast or give up at least one food item that means something to you!

4) Partial Fast
A Partial Fast is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm or from sunrise to sunset. You can select from three types of fasting, an Absolute Fast, Daniel Fast or give up a specific food.

For more information on fasting check out:

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