Victory over Anxiety

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Emotions are wonderful .. the thought of seeing… imagining our first reunion with our grandchildren after lockdown is a feeling I rehearse in my mind more and more as we wait for that day!

I can hear the car in the driveway .. our front door is open.. and three little champions run through to where I am sitting on my favourite couch. Everything within me keeps me anchored to that couch because I know they will from a few paces away launch themselves into my arms and pile on top of me .. all three of them. I’ll be buried under a heap of childlike affection that in turn pours liquid love on this dry, crusty & dusty heart of mine! (sounds like a country song)

Even as I write this, tears fill my eyes, and I want to cry, so thirsty is my soul! What a feeling .. I am longing for the fresh warmth of happiness.. love .. affection .. hugs .. kisses and squeals of delight!

Feelings like a two-year-old are exciting, exhilarating, full of life and adventure .. but a two-year-old out of control can quickly morph into frustration, anger, irritation and despair!

The most relieved person in the world on any given evening is a parent of a two-year-old who has just fallen asleep. Emotions, like a two-year-old, need boundaries and need to be controlled .. because a two-year-old, like emotions, that take control soon produces chaos, calamity and regret.

Feelings of anxiety that lead to patterns of fear need to be confronted and controlled. There is no reason anxiety, fear and worry should control a persons life and rob them of joy. A joy that is deeper than a happy event, a peace that is real even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and purpose that is promised to those who will believe their lives are valuable and significant!

Every anxiety can be kept in perspective when we empower the authority of what we believe to dominate the unreliability of what we feel in any given situation!

Anxiety is not a sin .. but it is a life robbing emotion that can lead us to sin against:

  • God, when we believe our own fears above trusting in His love and goodness.
  • those we love, by filling our world with dread, apprehension and suspicion.
  • ourselves, by sabotaging our mental health with timidity, trepidation and consternation.

In the next few days, make a list of the feelings and thoughts that most often describe your most common anxieties. Then opposite each anxiety.. ask God for a promise.. seek the Lord for a word of promise or encouragement. It is that word that has AUTHORITY over your ANXIETY

Anxiety:                            Word of Authority:
I cant’ cope                      I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)

Now if you will have the audacity to speak that word daily you will set up a VANTAGE point .. to proclaim the promise at every appearance of an anxious thought .. now you are on your way to VICTORY over ANXIETY!

We choose if we will…
.. believe and then speak so we can proclaim and prophecy what God has promised and died for!
OR .. simply resign and decline to the ravages of anxiety where we worry without Gods love and goodness as our portion!

  1. Make a list…
  2. identify the anxiety
  3. speak the authority that promises victory

and take charge of your soul today!

You are Loved!
There is Hope!
You are not alone!

Ps. DJ McPhail
Liberty Church – Global Senior Lead Pastor

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