Vision Vaccination – Part 2

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“There is light at the end of the tunnel”.. is good news if you are finding your way out of a dark cave or series of tunnels underground you no longer want to be confined to,

.. it is not such good news if you are squeezed in a tight passageway without much space to move in any direction, and the ‘light’ happens to be a high-speed train hurtling toward you!

There will more often than not be times in your life and mine that something is coming at us that we cannot see. 

Life is full of surprises, curve balls and the ‘unexpected’ out of ‘left-field’. One thing is for sure life is fair.. live long enough, and you will face uncertainty, disappointment, misunderstanding and even betrayal. But you will also experience love unconditional, affection unsolicited, joy indescribable, peace, beauty … and the list is never-ending!

How do we face the future?

We have a choice .. our default can be FEAR or FAITH .. and we create our default by our repeated choices. 


is the expectation that something I can’t see happening 

to bring me loss or hurt.


is the expectation that something I can’t see happening

to bring me GOOD!

The difference between FEAR and FAITH is that the foundation of fear is ANXIETY, while the substance and evidence of faith is God’s ASSURANCES.. God’s PROMISES!

Both FEAR and FAITH have risk, uncertainty & the invisible attached to them .. one anticipating the WORST.. one believing the BEST.

Why Vision vaccinates fear, anxiety and dread is the ingredients of risk, uncertainty and invisibility form a vaccine that mimics the opportunity for the spike of spiritual adrenalin that opens your spiritual eyes to see possibilities for creative growth, increase and innovation.

Now that VISION has stimulated your pioneering entrepreneurial and apostolic capacity, FAITH kicks in to BELIEVE the promises of God and when you start SPEAKING what God SPOKE in His word… “ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE for one who believes!” – Mark 9:23

“Since we have the same SPIRIT of FAITH according to what has been written. ‘I believe, and so I spoke,’ we also believe, and so we also speak” – 2 Corinthians 4:13

Ps. DJ McPhail
Liberty Church – Senior Lead Pastor

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